» Name

SDL_Init -- Initializes SDL

» Synopsis

module "/pliant/SDL/SDL.pli"

function SDL_Init flags -> z
 arg uInt32 flags
 arg Int z

» Description

Initializes SDL. This should be called before all other SDL functions. The flags parameter specifies what part(s) of SDL to initialize.

SDL_INIT_TIMER Initializes the timer subsystem.
SDL_INIT_AUDIO Initializes the audio subsystem.
SDL_INIT_VIDEO Initializes the video subsystem.
SDL_INIT_CDROM Initializes the cdrom subsystem.
SDL_INIT_JOYSTICK Initializes the joystick subsystem.
SDL_INIT_EVERYTHING Initializes all of the above.
SDL_INIT_NOPARACHUTE Prevents SDL from catching fatal signals.

» Return Value

Returns -1 on an error or 0 on success.

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*Parts extracted and reproduced from official SDL documentation copyrighted by Sam Lantinga, also author of SDL.