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» Introduction

I am not used to writing formal documentation, If you want detailed info on SDL, check the SDL documentation. Pliant+SDL offers a thin wrapper over the C API. The functions and types all have the same names, and are used in similar ways.

There is not much to Pliant+SDL, its simply a package of prototypes for SDL types and functions. This means that these functions expect C compatible data. Pliant has a number features used to interface with C code and libraries, so its helpful if you're familar with some of them. I think however I did a good job avoiding many of the Pliant-C issues, so long as you use the types defined in the Pliant+SDL package.

Also, read the comments in the .pli module files in the package. They include useful information, taken from the SDL headers from which the modules were based on. Some of it is a carbon copy of the comments found in the SDL header files, while others are some ammendments with respect to their actual use in Pliant+SDL. I'll be revising these comments as usage issues arise.

I created some simple demos with Pliant+SDL. They're probably the best source of practical information on how to use Pliant+SDL. They're worth studying, so have a look.

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